PITE 3923 Battery Monitoring System

Unique Advantages:
* Cost effective with sectionalized connection
* Very Simple wire connection using PLC
* Comprehensive measurement data
* Precise prediction for battery capacity

Real time knowledge about the battery condition (battery SOC and SOH) is very significant to ensure the performance of critical power system. However, existing methods of manual measurement or online battery monitoring system will require very complicated wire connection, long time installation/commission and professional technicians. Therefore, the investment is pretty huge. What’s more, they do not have complete measurement data to precisely predict battery capacity.

PITE 3923 is an innovative solution to solve this problem. We apply new methods to measure battery condition with communication way of power line carrier (PLC). With multi-frequency measurement, users will gain comprehensive data like internal resistance, voltage, current, capacitance, temperature and so on. Based on PITE’s years experience for battery management, we build very mature mathematical model that will precisely predict battery capacity. This will in another hand reduce the time that we spend on capacity measurement using a battery load bank.


1.Very simple wire connection, easy-going installation and commission onsite
* PITE 3923 adopts the technology of Power Line Carrier (PLC) for data transmission. It takes advantage of communication circuit with battery string itself. No need to connect extra wires or cables for data transmission.
* We use cloud computing platform for data management. Users do not need to purchase server or install server software by themselves. Just one login account and password from PITE will enable user to view everything about their battery condition simply in a smart phone.

2.PITE's advanced mathematical model, consistent and precise measurement
* PITE has patented technology of multi-frequency measurement based on our years experience for battery management. And we have built very mature mathematical model that will precisely predict battery capacity (SOH).
* Sectionalized connection enables one IMM (Intelligent Monitoring Module) to connect with multiple cells with accurate measurement and quick diagnosis for battery malfunction.

3.Cloud server + mobile communication
* All you need is a smart phone to view battery status and tendency.
* Timely SMS warning info keeps you alert for lag-out or weak batteries. 

4.Smart and convenient methods for battery management
* Complete monitoring for voltage, internal resistance, temperature and periodical
  monitoring for charge/discharge current. It helps you find out lag-out batteries  
* In case of power grid outage or manual switch-off of power grid for maintenance,
  system will automatically switch to discharge monitor. And it will record discharged Ah
  and voltage/temperature changes during discharge. This will further help judge the
  lag-out batteries.
* In case of battery malfunction, system will automatically send warning message to
  technician for immediate action.
* Map orientation of battery sites will help technicians reach site conveniently. 

5.With very good price for different industries
* Unique technology for battery sectionalized measurement is different from traditional
  measurement for EACH cell. Each battery string can be sectionalized as several
  bigger sections. And each IMM is connected with one section containing several cells. * This application will greatly reduce the amount of IMMs that are connected with
   batteries. This will make PITE 3923 very economical to use in different industries.  

6.Unique technology for system resting
* Each IMM get very low power from batteries, no harmful to batteries that are

Model Name Communication Function
IMM Intelligent Monitoring Module PLC Test battery voltage, internal resistance, capacitance & temperature
CU Control Unit PLC+WiFi+GPRS Test current and string voltage. With built-in WiFi & GPRS, it controls IMM for data monitor and transfer data to cloud server
CU Main Main unit of Control Unit WiFi+GPRS Built-in WiFi+GPRS, it controls CU slaves and receive data from CU slaves for transmission to cloud server.
CU Slave Slave unit of Control Unit PLC+WiFi Built-in WiFi,controls IMM and under control of CU Main
  Cloud Server Fiber Optic In IDC (Internet Data Center), it stores all monitoring data and transfer data to mobile terminal in the form of data and chart.
  Mobile terminal 2G/3G/4G Smart phone and other mobile terminal for real-time data view of battery.

The Technology: PLC
Power Line Communication (PLC) has been widely adopted for data transmission in different areas. Its most important feature is that you do not need to have external network to transfer data. As long as there is power line, you could have very easy data transmission. In battery monitoring system, the IMM will monitor the batteries and transfer the data to Control Unit via the battery connecting strap (power lines). This greatly simplifies the wire connection for monitoring system. For each cell, it only needs 2 connecting wires respectively on two battery posts. Onsite installation is very easy, clear and no signal disturbance.

System configuration and wire connection

1.Each battery string should have one Control Unit (CU). Currently there are 4 types of
   CU: CU-24, CU-48, CU-110 and CU-220 respectively for 24V, 48V, 110V and 220V
   battery strings. When battery string is higher than 220V like 480V, please use CU-
2.Each string should at least connect with 2 IMMs for data recording. Currently there
   are 4 types of IMM: IMM-2, IMM-12, IMM-24 and IMM-48 respectively for connection
   with 2V, 12V, 24V and 48V.
3.One IMM can connect with one cell or several cells (section) with maximal nominal
   voltage of 48V.